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About Shani Entertainment

Shani Entertainment Limited is a Blockchain Gaming Company that prioritise blockchain-based products with the intrinsic value of making the virtual future more accessible and simple for modern civilisation.

We believe that through gamification, a wider spread of blockchain technology adoption will be ascertained.

Fueled by the passion and determination of gaming and blockchain lovers from all around the world, we’re making it loud and clear to the world how blockchain gaming will revolutionise the future of blockchain, gaming and finance.

Monsta Infinite

Gaming Development

Monsta Infinite, the first brainchild of Shani Entertainment Limited. A revolutionary product that unites the best of blockchain and gaming. Implementing state-of-the-art features such as anti-cheat features and dynamic gameplay alongside a sustainable tokenomic system to produce a robust and sustainable GameFi that benefits various demographics; ranging from the average gamers to high-profile investors.


To bring forth an open resource ideation to reality through development of various and revolutionary products within the Monsta Ecosystem.


A Blockchain Gaming Company that aims to develop a complete and advanced blockchain infrastructure alongside various products for multiple platforms to take leverage on, with sustainability in mind.

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